Bible School

Jesus said for His disciples to “Go and make Disciples…” and one of the key aspects of our missionary strategy is to train national leaders to pastor and disciple their own.  We do this in many ways, but the most effective is through intensive Bible schools each month.  The students are given a self study text book that they work through on their own, usually with the help of their senior pastor and then they return in a month’s time with their completed text for a two summary of their class directed by one of our native Bible school teachers.  We currently have 5 Bible School extensions that are serving more than 120 future pastors and church planters. 

$400 helps one Shuar Pastor or church leader attend Bible School for the whole year.

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Get Involved

Pray. Pray with us that not only more men and women come to study the Word of God through Bible Schoo but that that the Lord provides the means for them to be able to.

Give. Click on the links above to help a Shuar pastor or leader attend Bible School, start a church and/or build a church!

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